These are the 20 most expensive schools in South Africa in 2018

St Martin’s School, Rosettenville: R232,120

Most expensive schools in SA

School 2018 2017  % Change
 Michaelhouse R265,680 R240,000 10.7%
 Hilton  – R253,660
 St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown R252,990 R235,335 7.5%
 Roedean School for Girls R252,341 R236,795 6.6%
 Kearnsney College  R242,220 R225,940 7.2%
 Bishops, Rondebosch  R240,380 R219,510 9.5%
 St Mary’s, Waverley R234,540 R215,200 8.9%
 St Andrew’s School for Girls, Senderwood  R233,810  R219,450 6.5%
 St Stithians R232,640  R229,010 1.6%
 St Martin’s R232,120  R217,330 6.8%
 St Alban’s College R229,410  R212,600 7.9%
 St John’s College  R227,815  R226,965 0.4%
 Kingswood College  R221,370 R203,400 8.8%
 Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown  R219,420  R203,190  8.0%
 St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria  R209,675  R194,940  7.6%
 Somerset College  R208,515 R196,712 6.0%
 St Cyprian’s  R204,000 R191,550 6.5%
 The Wykeham Collegiate  R196,600 R182,140 7.9%
 Treverton College R191,840
 Herschel Girls’ School  R190,150 R180,040 5.6%

Article Source: Businesstech.


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