11 Things You Can Only Buy in South Africa

Everyone wants the chance to bring home unique souvenirs and keepsakes from their holidays spent travelling abroad. From pairs of leather shoes and natural skin care to craft gin and artisanal toffee, these proudly South African items are worth stocking up on because they are not sold in stores outside the country.

1.Well-made leather shoes from Sapmok

The veldskoen, or vellies as they’re more endearingly known, is a staple in many South African wardrobes.

From the traditional style to trendy, designer pairs, these well-made leather shoes will support feet while walking many miles. They’re durable, typical of South Africa, and suit pretty much any outfit.

They’re a must-have when visiting the bush. Pick up a pair from Sapmok either online or at their brick and mortar store in Menlopark, Pretoria. The brand sells locally produced shoes for both men and women and in a few different styles and colours ranging from tan to yellow.

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